Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Monster

The monster comes in the night,
Unexpected and fully disguised,
Prepared to destruct and disrupt poor lives.
Without sympathy or hesitation,
With only big weapons and fear,
The monster comes in the night.

The people shocked, frightened
Crying and screaming,
Grab every belonging they can carry with their two arms, head, and back,
Grab their livestock and their children,
And head north.
Just head north unclear of a destination,
Just far away from fear, where the monster can't find them.

But the monster will find them,
All the days of their earth-life,
They will live in no home built by their-mans hands,
They will live off the fruits nature provides to them alone,
They will live in uncertainty and hardship,
Waiting for the monster to come,
In the night
This is the way it will be.